World-famous organist Naji Hakim visits Ewha
World-famous organist Naji Hakim visits Ewha
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The world-famous organist and composer Naji Hakim visited Ewha Womans University at Kim Young-ui Hall on Sept. 2. He was invited by the College of Music and was asked to lead “Pipe Organ Festival at Ewha.” During the festival, he played the organ and delivered a lecture to Ewha students.
Naji Hakim graduated from Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris, the best music school in France. In 2007, he was awarded Augustae crucis insigne pro Ecclesia et Pontifice from the pope Benedictus XVI, which was meant to honor his contributions to church music. He is now a guest professor in London Royal Academy of Music. As an organist and a composer, he is called to be the heir of Olivier Messiaen, the great musician of the 20th century.
“From last September, we have been hosting events such as the faculty concert in order for Keyboard Instruments to develop further,” said an official of Keyboard Instruments, who wishes to remain anonymous. “This year, we invited the global celebrity Naji Hakim as part of the program.”
He came to Korea in four years since his last visit in 2010, and led the festival for two days in Ewha Womans University. On the first day, Sept. 2, he held a pipe organ recital in Kim Young-ui Hall at 7:30 p.m. During the recital, he played a variety of music including his own composition “Three variations on Veni Creator.”
On the second day, Sept. 3, he delivered a special lecture to students from the College of Music.
It was called “Professor Naji Hakim Master Class” and was progressed in the form of an open lecture. It was exceptional for the College of Music to hold it this way, since most of the times, music lessons are in the form of individual lessons.
Both the recital and the special lecture are considered to have been very successful.
“By inviting Naji Hakim, we hoped that the College of Music could pride itself as a music education institution,” said an official of Keyboard Instruments. “We are satisfied that both the students and the public who are interested in music could enjoy and learn something from this festival.”

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