Registrar adopts monitoring system for selling of courses
Registrar adopts monitoring system for selling of courses
  • Ahn In-kyeong
  • 승인 2014.09.12 14:04
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The Registrar announced that it will monitor the posts regarding the transferring or selling of the courses among students on Aug. 29. This is the first semester to initiate the monitoring system.
The monitoring took place from Sept. 1 to Sept 5, the period when students can take courses and freely rearrange their course schedules. The school adopted the measure to monitor students' behavior toward the courses.
“It is not right that students provide gift cons, a kind of coupons that can be exchanged with goods, or pay money to other students in order to be on the course list,” said Kang Hak-su, an official of the Registrar. “The monitoring system is based on the article 59 of Ewha’s regulations.” Kang said. According to Article 59, it authorizes the Registrar to punish students who defy the school regulations, and transferring and selling of the courses can be classified as acting against the school regulation.
As for the method of monitoring, the Registrar oversaw various Web sites that most Ewha students use during the rescheduling period to update or check the posts.
“In order to prevent the deals, we arranged exclusive personnel to keep an eye on,” Kang said. “We either called students when they left their phone numbers for the sellers, or re-commented the students to delete the post when students only left comments."
As a result, the number of the postings regarding the transferring and selling of the courses gradually declined during the rescheduling period, and only few comments were left on the last day. The school plans to take alternate methods in the monitoring system.
“From the next semester, the Registrar will take various precautionary measures including such method and it will be practiced a week before the course enrollment date,” Kang said. “We hope there comes a time when such system is not needed anymore.”

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