Ewha Womans University offers visa extension service for international students
Ewha Womans University offers visa extension service for international students
  • Lee Jae-lim
  • 승인 2014.09.12 12:28
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The Ewha Global Service Center (GSC) is providing a new visa extension service for international students whose visa will expire by the end of October from Sept. 15 to 16 in the Room B329 at the Ewha Campus Complex (ECC). All full-time international students who are enrolled in Ewha for the 2014 fall semester are qualified to apply.      Since the first semester of 2014, the GSC started the visa extension service  for currently enrolled international students by collecting required documents and submitting applications to the immigration office for students. The motive of the service is to encourage students to focus on their campus life by helping them avoid complications such as visiting the immigration office more than twice or waiting in a long queue. As September is the first month of the new semester, the school provides the service in the hopes of making the students’ stay in Korea as comfortable as possible.
“Although it is a relatively new policy, many students who are in need of it used it in the first half of the semester,” said an official from the GSC. “We hope that more students become familiar to the service during the second semester and fully enjoy their stay in Ewha.”
However, the process of issuing visa documents for exchange students or visiting students are different from that of the full-time students, which requires them to check and acquire their visa accordingly. Also students whose visa expire before Sept. 22 should visit the immigration office directly and apply for an extension. The GSC is also offering alien registration card from Sept. 11 to 12. The service will be held at Room B337 at the ECC.
 This registration is for international students who have settled in Korea for more than ninety days, and it will act as their identification card during their stay.

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