Paper-based system for course syllabus discarded and searching menu on-line reconfigured
Paper-based system for course syllabus discarded and searching menu on-line reconfigured
  • Kang Na-min
  • 승인 2014.08.31 23:35
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Course syllabus in published booklet form is not provided anymore from the course registration period for the second semester. Instead, upgraded version of inquiring course syllabus on-line was provided.
The Faculty and Academic Affairs (OFAA) announced that it decided to stop servicing the paper form due to the low efficiency. Since there have been frequent changes after the booklets are published, students have to double-check the final version from the on-line syllabus in the end. In addition, such change is a part of Ewha’s participation in the green campus movement which is for environment protection.
Search conditions such as area of studies, college, and class are added for searching course syllabus on-line in detail. Due to the preceding difficulty of searching without basic information about the course, ‘All’ item is also added to every search condition. Through this improvement, customized search result can be received by controlling the scope of the search. In addition to the diversified search conditions, storing the real-time inquiry result in an Excel file is now available. This way, students are able to collect particular data they need on a separate file quickly and conveniently. The information of the course such as the title in English, grading type and alternative lecture is also seen by clicking the course title.
Furthermore, it is possible to check whether the course is on-line, English, global on-line, or Cyber Campus on-line, immediately from the chart.
Student opinions vary on the newly improved systems.
“The improved services seems like it is good for students who did not decide which course they should take, yet,” Lim Hae-yoon (Nursing Science, 2) said. “However, for students who have already decided which course to take, the revised version might seem unnecessary due to the too many menus.”
Some students expressed dissatisfaction about stopping the service of published version of course syllabi.
“For the 1st semester, it was comfortable to use the book since I was able to draw circles or underline the points on it. However, without a book it was very confused since there were too many pages open,” Lee You-kyung (Social Science, 1) said. “Moreover, when I failed in registering for desired courses, it was inconvenient and slow by searching on internet. Manually operated one would have been much faster.”
Since it is the first trial of the revised system, some cumbersome is expected. Thus, after seeing how students respond, the OFAA plans to consistently improve the convenience of the service by student’s demand.

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