Ewha takes follow-up measures to public interview with former president
Ewha takes follow-up measures to public interview with former president
  • Kim Hye-won
  • 승인 2014.08.31 23:20
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The school announced its follow-up measures to the public interview with former president Kim Sun-uk to Student Government Association (SGA) on July 29.
Since the public interview took place on May 28, the school has been taking action to meet students’ demands voiced at the interview.
The report made public by the SGA revealed a number of changes and plans the school has been progressing.
Regarding the courses, students majoring in Politics and Diplomacy and the Division of Media will be able to utilize a priority course registration system. The school is recruiting additional faculty to increase the number of courses.
The school also enlarged the number of cabinets provided for students in the College of Health Sciences, Art & Design and Pharmacy and also plans to expand its support for the College of Art & Design including providing air conditioning and heating service and ameliorating students’ practicing environment.
Regarding the space utility for student activities, the Ewha Campus Complex will be equipped with increased number of furnishings,  with additional 20 round tables, 135 chairs and 10-seat chairs. A resting room for students will be newly constructed beside Small Theater in Human Ecology Building.
According to the report, the school is also planning to make guidelines that contain information about its tuition management for students’ understanding.
As its additional efforts to listen to students’ opinions, the school is also trying to increase the number of courses and is looking favorably on converting evaluation methods of certain courses into S/U method in which students are evaluated by pass or fail system instead of relative evaluation.
In response, SGA expressed contentment in that certain demands are being accepted.
“We see that some problems Ewha students used to undergo are improving now,” said SGA in its official announcement. “All of this is possible because Ewha students voiced their opinions and requests to the president based on their experiences.”
On the other hand, some students including the members of SGA are dissatisfied since they find that more vital demands are not attended to.
“The report lacks any practical solutions or plans to solve tuition and scholarship issues which are much more central problems that more directly affect students’ lives,” said Yoo Jee-sun (English Education, 3).
The OFAA plans to first see students’ response to the change.
“The school is working to make immediate and prospective changes to solve problems requested,” said an official of the Office of Student Affairs who wishes to remain anonymous. “We hope students utilize current scholarship systems.”
Meanwhile, the Automatic Waiting List System will be permanently implemented.

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