Ewha Womans University starts new dormitory construction
Ewha Womans University starts new dormitory construction
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A new dormitory will be opened in Ewha Womans University in 2016. The dormitory is expected to respond to the fast growing demand for new dorms to accommodate more students and the need to construct a new model for a new type of education where outstanding students for the future can be nurtured.
The new dormitory will  accommodate 2,344 students with  a total of six dormitory buildings. The construction will be finished in February 2016.
Ewha held a ground-breaking ceremony on July 22 to announce the start of a full-scale construction of the dormitory.
The ground-breaking ceremony started with eulogy, prayer and reading of the bible followed by a congratulatory message by the former president Kim Sun-uk (Law).
Professor Lee Myung-hwi (Economics) worked as the chairperson during the ceremony, and Park Won-soon, the mayor of Seoul, also delivered a congratulatory message after professor Kim.
The announcement, benediction, shoveling, and reception followed.
“I plan to make Ewha, which has grown to be the best women’s university in the world, as the place for educational nourishment that remembers the community spirit and uses this to raise integrated and communicative female leaders,” said professor Kim. “For this goal to be achieved, the innovation of studies which can unite our daily lives, education, academics and action into one is required. The new dormitory will set the foundation of this innovation.”
Important figures of this event shoveled, announcing the genuine start of the construction. During the reception that followed, the guests shared their hopes on the construction and their impressions.
 “It is very meaningful to finally break ground for the newly-building dormitory, since the dormitory was planned at the same time as University Industry Cooperation Building (UICB) and UICB was already completed,” said Chang Myong-sue, chairperson of Ewha Hak-dang. “I’m glad that about 2,300 students who could not be accommodated in the dormitory and had to stay under poor condition will be able to live in the new dormitory when it is completed.”

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