Ewha brand image holds history and future of Ewha 4
Ewha brand image holds history and future of Ewha 4
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Student voices on the value of “Ewha”: Proud to be a student at Ewha from inside and out

Ewha Voice interviewed four students who study at Ewha on their thoughts of being an Ewha student, and the impression they get from Ewha students.

Magenta Hong (National Taiwan University, 4)

“I am really proud of being an exchange student at Ewha because I learn a lot from my confident classmates. I am eager to share my great experience at Ewha with other foreigners.”

Yu Ching-yu (Business Administration, 4)

“The fact that I am a student of Ewha makes me more confident and independent. The image of Ewha inspires me to further develop myself. It helped me to stand on my own.”

Yun Ja-song (Economics, 4)

“In response to the prejudice I face, I try to confront numerous people. I keep in touch with friends that I have made in classes and proceed into taking more classes.”

Koh Kyung-hwa (Scranton Honors Program, 2)

“As a member of
the Ewha Campus Leader, I try to set a good example of Ewha when I am with visitors. I feel proud when high school students tell me they want to attend Ewha.”


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