Looking back on paths of president Kim Sun-uk 3
Looking back on paths of president Kim Sun-uk 3
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New challenges and innovations: Science Ewha

One important field of development pursued by president Kim is the field of science and technology. Under the directions of president Kim, Ewha had signed multiple agreements with both domestic and international organizations to help educate female human resources containing scientific expertise.
Ewha signed an MOU with National Forensic Service for interdisciplinary studies program with National Forensic Service (NFS), deciding to collaborate with NFS in cultivating high-quality human resources necessary for scientific investigation research  on January 2012. Through this agreement, Ewha and NFS made promises to install this program in Ewha’s graduate school, progress research business as academy-research partners, jointly utilize the equipment, facilities and spaces of both institutions at times of research and education, and actively cooperate in exchanging scholarly and technique information.
One of the most notable scientific achievements of president Kim is Ewha’s collaboration with Solvay, a Belgian multinational chemicals group.
Ewha’s ties with Solvay first began by signing an agreement to set up a joint R&D Center on May 30, 2011. Ewha was the first Korean university to build a global R&D Center, and is also the only university among Solvay’s technical development cooperation partners. The content of the agreement was that Ewha will provide the research environment and global research network, and that Solvay will establish the R&D Center and Headquarters Global Business Unit Special Chemicals, sharing know-how for constructing infrastructure in research studies.
President Kim had stated that Ewha expects to generate synergies from working with Solvay who has supported numerous scholars including Marie Curie, and that she and the school hopes to find the next Marie Curie at Ewha from this joint venture.
“This partnership will help both Solvay and Ewha to develop new technology that follows the changing trend of the current society,” said Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, the president of Solvay during his visit in 2012.
Then on Dec. 30, 2013, the construction of the University Industry Cooperation Building (UICB), which was funded by Solvay, was completed. UICB consists of Solvay Research and Development (R&D) center, KBSI Western Seoul center, Business Incubator and other facilities.
Solvay R&D center is the first R&D center from a multinational company established in a Korean university. The center will conduct scientific research to secure advanced skills in various chemistry fields. The dedication ceremony of the UICB was held on April 2, 2014.

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