Looking back on paths of president Kim Sun-uk 2
Looking back on paths of president Kim Sun-uk 2
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Ewha as a global partner
Since the inauguration, president Kim took her very first global action by visiting Bryn Mawr College, University of Pennsylvania and Temple University from Sept. 21 to 26 of 2010. She participated in Bryn Mawr College’s 125th anniversary special international conference to discuss memorandum of understanding (MOU). She gave a presentation under the theme of “Closing the Gender Gap in Asia and across the World: Women’s Higher Education in Korea” as a panel of the conference. During the conference where president Kim stayed for three days, she let other presidents and leaders of other universities  know of Ewha’s history and efforts for better education for the female all over the world.
In the December of 2011, president Kim visited Harvard University. She exchanged opinions on the Ewha-Harvard Summer School and Harvard College in Asia Program with president Drew Faust of Harvard. They agreed to enlarge and vitalize the relationship between Harvard University and Ewha.
Ewha not only cooperated with universities of the world but also organizations to enhance its global network. On Nov. 19, 2010, Ewha signed an MOU with the TV5 MONDE. The MOU was signed to create a systematic business and academic cooperation system in the field of broadcasting and media studies with the TV5 MONDE. They chose Ewha Graduate School of Translation & Interpretation (GSTI) as the organization to provide quality service.

Photo provided by Communications.
“Ewha has a long experience regarding the study of French language and have continuously dedicated to the cultural and academic exchange between France and Korea since establishing a French language major in the GSTI in 1998,” president Kim said. “Ewha expects the cooperation will make an invigorate exchange in media and French language education.”
In December 2012, Ewha signed yet another MOU with UN WOMEN, which is a union of women incorporations under the United Nations. The MOU aimed to cooperate on research for female education and gender equality. President Kim had a discussion with Michelle Bachelot, the president of UN WOMEN. Together, plans were made to strengthen female leadership programs and  provide work opportunities as researcher, expert, and instructor. There were various efforts to take a leap to become a global leader among universities. During the four years in which president Kim served as the president of Ewha, the international exchange between Germany stands out among the efforts.
As president Kim received a doctoral degree in the University of Konstanz under study of law in 1988, there were outstanding results of cooperation with Germany during her term.Ewha signed the MOU with the Korea Foundation on April 11, 2014. With the MOU, Ewha Institute for International Trade and Cooperation will be supervising the Korea-Germany Research Forum until 2019.

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