Ewha Creative Academy holds Women’s HR Forum
Ewha Creative Academy holds Women’s HR Forum
  • Lee Yoon-soo
  • 승인 2014.05.25 08:29
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Women’s HR (Human Resources) Forum was held under the theme of “Women are the future of multicultural age” on May 24 at Lee San-Bong Hall in the Ewha Campus Complex.
The forum was jointly hosted by Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Business Agency and Ewha Womans University.
Students at Ewha Creative Academy, foreign exchange students and global community association planned the forum.
Opinion leaders from various background were invited to share their experience and knowledge in designing future of multicultural age.
“I hope to bridge the gap between Koreans and migrated women through this forum,” said Son Dong-hee (Chinese, 4), the director of the academics team of the forum.
The forum was divided into three sessions: “Talk,” “Play,” and “Dream.” During the “Talk” session, qualifying characters to become female leaders in multicultural age were discussed.
Experts in journalism, politics and international exchange such as Sohn Ji-ae (’85,  Politics & Diplomacy), former CEO of Arirang TV & Radio,  participated as panels.
Diverse cultural events followed. Performances by Korean music team from Ewha Womans University and Indie band from Hongik University were given.
Montant, a music group with members from various cultural and national backgrounds, also performed to give the message of “becoming one with art.” Photo exhibition under the theme of “Companion in Midst of Multiculturalism” attracted many participants.
Finally, four CEOs of venture companies gave lectures regarding their success stories.
Besides the regular sessions, ‘Junior HR (Human Resources) Forum’ was designed for children who came along with their mothers. Various activities such as making bouncing balls, playing with pentomino, and doing role-plays were included.
“There were many difficulties concerning a proper approach to the issue of multiculturalism while preparing for the forum,” said Kim Tae-hee (German, 4), the director of the events & exhibition team of the forum from Ewha Creative Academy. “I had a prejudice toward migrated people, that they are the minority of the society. It always came to my mind that they are in need of our help. However, through this event, I realized that co-existing matters the most in multiculturalism,” Kim said.

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