SGA meets with OIC to solve Eureka problems
SGA meets with OIC to solve Eureka problems
  • Kim Hye-won
  • 승인 2014.05.25 08:26
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The vice president of Student Government Association (SGA), Kang Da-young (Psychology, 4) and the representative of College of Engineering, Oh Se-eun (Computer Science & Engineering, 3) had a meeting with the head of Office of Information and Communication (OIC) on May 1. This meeting was held to discuss possible solutions  to relieve student inconvenience in using Eureka and inquired the progress of mobile Eureka implementation.
Numerous students have constantly complained of discomfort at accessing to Eureka site. Thus, the SGA included the resolution of this discomfort in their 10 main demand plans that they proposed since its launch along with tuition reduction and scholarship expansion. As an effort to dismantle this inconvenience, SGA has delivered students’ demands and urged OIC to come up with solutions prior to the meeting. In this meeting, SGA checked on actions taken to solve this issue by OIC.
Eureka has long been criticized  for its delaying access. Students were required to frequently update Java program to log into Eureka and the process would often take 30 to 40 minutes at most. In response to student complaints delivered by SGA, OIC stated that it has made Java update an option.
The change was put into action in the mid April and students show positive attitude toward this change. However, there are students who still express complaints and request further modification.
“Eureka is still not so easily accessible on Mac. I rarely use Eureka because it is so uncomfortable with my Mac,” Lee Yui-hyun (International Studies, 4) said.
The SGA also questioned whether mobile Eureka would be implemented in the second semester and asked for detailed explanation of the development progress. According to OIC, the development process includes design planning, materialization and testing. OIC is currently finalizing the design planning stage. Thus, the installation of mobile Eureka will be possible by the middle of the second semester. In regard of functions that will be included in the mobile Eureka, OIC said that mobile Eureka will carry services that students are expected to use most frequently such as checking grades and chapel seats.
The SGA requested the OIC to take students’ opinions into consideration as much as possible in further development of mobile Eureka.
“We will persistently try to ease any inconvenience Ewha students might undergo regarding Eureka issue,” Kang said. “The SGA is gathering students’ opinions on any difficulty with using PC Eureka and suggestions on mobile Eureka.”

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