Ewha makes changes in division regulations for 2015
Ewha makes changes in division regulations for 2015
  • Park Kyoung-eun
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Ewha Womans University plans to have various changes in its division regulations for 2015 admission. The Office of Admissions (OA) announced that there will be three new majors established, tentatively named Brain & Cognitive Sciences, Global Korean Studies, and Chemistry & New Material Engineering.
According to the University for Creative Korea, which was launched in 2007 by the Ministry of Education, universities are asked to focus on specialized areas that hold a comparative advantage.  In response, Ewha has selected three fields—convergence industry, high-tech industry, and globalization— as their strategic strategy areas to maintain excellence in education in the future, and the three majors accordingly, have been established.
The Brain & Cognitive Sciences major will be created as a specific major of the newly organized Fusion Division (provisionally named), situated in Scranton College.
The major is a broad study of many areas including humanities and social science, art, science, engineering, and so on. It is the first brain and cognitive science department in Korea, and the major is expected to offer an important paradigm for solving social problems in the future with the increasing interest in brain science and fusion studies.
Furthermore, Global Korean Studies will be added to the Division of International Studies. The OA states that the major is significant in that there is now an increasing need for professionals who are experts in Korea and East Asia areas and at the same time experts of Korean cultural contents, international business, and trade.
Most students welcome the change.
“It is exciting because we have a broader scope of majors to choose from,” Kim Hye-rin (International Studies, 1) said.
Moreover, Chemistry & New Material Engineering department will be established as the current field of engineering emphasizes fusion between studies and the importance of microscopic units. The department will focus on training students to suit the industry, which necessitates experts and high-quality work forces in the field.
Along with such changes, the College of Medicine will be reestablished for college students to be admitted to and the English Language & Literature Department will accept students separately from the College of Liberal Arts.
Previously, a certain number of students from the Division of Liberal Arts were selected to enroll in the English Language & Literature Department according to their preference and Grade Point Average. However, as the department was included in the CK, it was requested to administer a special program that begins from the freshmen year. In effect, no longer are the students from the Division of Liberal Arts able to apply for majoring in the English Language & Literature.
The College of Medicine was converted to the School of Medicine in 2007 as the MOE aimed to pick out students from various education backgrounds, lessen the crowding of superior students in the medical community, and produce standard doctors. However, the newly adapted admission system faced various problems.
“`There were many complaints concerning the establishment of the School of Medicine,” said Lee Yoon-goo, an official from the OOA. “There were even criticisms pointing out that those students in the science and engineering college preparing for the School of Medicine were creating adverse effects on other students. In response, the decision was made to return to the former College of Medicine.”
Ewha is expecting more competent students to apply for these modified areas in 2015.
“Changes in the enrollment standards arouse interest and eagerness from students and parents,” said professor Baek Ji-yeon (International Office), the Counseling Associate Vice President for the OOA. “Along with these significant changes, many excellent and competitive students are expected to apply to Ewha in 2015.”

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