Ewha celebrates its 128th anniversary
Ewha celebrates its 128th anniversary
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Ewha will celebrate its 128th anniversary in the Welch-Ryang Auditorium on May 30. President Kim Sun-uk and Chairperson of Ewha Hakdang Chang Myong-sue will attend the anniversary ceremony and deliver congratulatory speeches to Ewha students and professors.
Multiple departments and institutions of Ewha have designed various events to commemorate the 128th anniversary. Division of Architecture hosted Ewha Field Trip to Jong-ro, Insadong on May 10. Student Counseling Center held the 2014 Mental Health Counseling Fair, “Comma of my mind, Mind Fitness” from May 12 to 13.
Diverse events are planned to commemorate the 128th anniversary by Ewha Womans University Museum. From May 14 to July 31, the museum is presenting the spring special exhibition, “Art and Ideals,” and an accompanying exhibition titled, “Landscapes of the Heart.” Ewha Archives and Ewha Media Center co-hosts a special exhibition titled “The Ewha Weekly: Chronicler of Ewha’s History” in Ewha Archives Special Exhibition Room from May 19 to next year. The exhibition is displayed to recall the roles of The Ewha Weekly in Ewha.
“This is the first time for us to hold a special exhibition on The Ewha Weekly,” Ewha Archives said. “Since the exhibition was planned on the subjects that have gathered students’ attention, we are sure that the students will be interested as well.”

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