Waves of condolences spread across university campuses 2
Waves of condolences spread across university campuses 2
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Photo by Chung Yun-jo.
University students start Yellow Ribbon Campaign
One famous campaign regarding the Sewol incident is the “Yellow Ribbon Campaign,” started by university students. People started uploading pictures of yellow ribbon as their Social Network Service (SNS) profile picture or hanging yellow ribbons on trees as a sign of mourning.
A university students’ group called ALT (Active, Autonomous, Alter Life Together) began the Yellow Ribbon Campaign as a means of paying condolences and respect to the victims. The yellow ribbon designed by ALT is unique in that the color of ribbon itself is black even though the background color is yellow, entire image showing strong yellow colors. ALT explained that the black color is meant to commemorate the victims who have already passed away and hope for the victims to rest in peace. The yellow color in the background symbolizes the wish for the missing people to come back safely. In this regard, ALT started to post the yellow ribbons on the Web for the Sewol incident’s victims and their families. Unexpectedly, their yellow ribbon image was spread across the SNS, and many citizens have joined the yellow ribbon movement.
The first Yellow Ribbon Campaign by ALT started on April 19 in Sinchon to mourn the victims and wish for the missing people to be rescued safely. ALT made yellow ribbons and tied them on the streets. As many universities are located in Sinchon, many university students wrote down messages on the ribbons and tied them on the streets or on their bags.
“I saw the yellow ribbon just attached in the street in Sinchon and Hongdae,” said Maur-Anne Griffonnet-Barge (University of Angers, 5), a French exchange student currently staying in Korea. “I think it is very nice because the accumulation of ribbons really shows many people feel concerned and sad.”
With the Sewol recovery operations continuing longer than expected, ALT began the second Yellow Ribbon Campaign on April 26. People who wanted to commemorate the incident gathered at Gyeongbok Palace, visited Daehak-ro and went to Danwon High School. They gave ribbons to people and tied them on trees along the roads and paid condolences at Danwon High School.

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