Trendy and unique student fashion PLAN6 hits Paris catwalk
Trendy and unique student fashion PLAN6 hits Paris catwalk
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Photo provided by PLAN6.
Models strut down the runway in the heart of Paris. The unique but classic collection of winter white vibes and textured two-tone silhouettes captures buyers’ and visitors’ eyes. The monochrome and clean lines transform the place into a creative space. Behind this scene, there is a Korean student designer brand called PLAN6.
PLAN6 is a women’s apparel designer brand, composed of 12 students majoring in Apparel Design from Konkuk University. Collaborating each designer’s inspirational and unique talents, and the team’s teamwork, PLAN6 created this fashion brand with the vision to make trendy, yet original and creative outfits.
Originally, PLAN6 was created as a temporary project brand to enter one of Asia’s largest fashion events, the “Hong Kong Fashion Week,” in summer in 2013. Twenty students of the Apparel Design major bonded seamlessly to prepare for the event and founded the brand.
“The fair was not simply for sightseeing but rather an opportunity to trade the clothes that we have designed,” said Cherry Chung, the director of overseas marketing.
The team officially commenced its career last year in July, attending the Hong Kong Fashion Week and promoting the brand to overseas buyers.
“Although we did not have any evident results, many overseas buyers showed interest in our clothes,” Chung said.

Photo provided by PLAN6.
After the students returned from the Hong Kong Fashion Week, Hyundai Department Store contacted the students and suggested them to operate a week-long pop-up store in September in the Mok-dong branch. Among the 20 students, 12 students decided to participate, and eventually continued PLAN6 in its current form as a women’s apparel brand. 
Coincidentally, PLAN6 received another suggestion from their professors to apply for Europe’s largest fashion fair, “Who’s Next,” which is held every year in Paris, France. However, as with all things, the students felt everything that was happening became a little too overwhelming. Each student experienced a clash of emotions, which entails the greatest trigger of all: the fear of trying something new.
“Even when we were sending off the application, we were half in doubt,” Eun Min-ji, the director of local marketing said. “The fair is on a large scale and even many national medium enterprises do not receive admission to participate in the fair. Despite the fear, we were surprised to receive a notice that said we got in. We were pleasantly surprised again to find PLAN6 assigned to a good seat at the fair, which is said to be difficult for newly-established brands to acquire.” 
After attending the fair, PLAN6 developed a discerning eye for the overseas market.
“Although it is difficult to settle down in the domestic market, we felt that it was crucial for us to enter the overseas market,” Eun said. “To be satisfied with our current level, staying in the local market is just like being a big fish in a small pond.”
Despite the attention and support received from the media as a youth business start-up, PLAN6 is still at an early stage in raising brand awareness among general customers. In order to raise more awareness, it has recently opened its first shop in Noon Square, Myeong-dong in April 2014.
“By opening its first shop, PLAN6 is no longer a temporary project brand,” Eun said. “It is now a clothing brand that can constantly meet customers.”
As it continues with its stretch across the globe, PLAN6 is continuing with its municipal promotion. 
“Currently, we are genuinely starting to plan for domestic sales for the upcoming summer collection but we are also preparing Who’s Next products for the spring/summer collection in 2015,” Choi Ju-young, president of PLAN6, said. “Until now, we have received attention under the title of College Student Brand but we want to change from this title to be acknowledged only by our designs.”

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