Synergy Ewha raises fund for Sewol victims
Synergy Ewha raises fund for Sewol victims
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After Sewol, the ferry, drowned in the ocean and many high school students from Danwon High School lost their lives on April 16, Synergy Ewha, the 46th Student Government Association (SGA) decided to raise funds for Danwon High School’s alumni association under the name of “From all Ewha Womans University students.”
The raised funds approached about 9 million won, and were sent by the SGA. The SGA reported the process of sending the funds to the Danwon High School’s alumni association.
According to the detailed report regarding the fund, not only the departments of Ewha but also numerous students donated certain amount of money to help the victims.
“After the incident, I felt we students should gather to do something for those we were affected by this tragedy,” Kim Bo-min (Psycology, 3) said. “This is why I participated in raising funds, since it is the smallest thing that I can do at this moment.”
The funds were successfully sent to the Danwon High School’s alumni association by the SGA.
In the process, however, controversies occurred after the students found out that the funds were sent under the name of the SGA president, Seong Hee-yeon (Geography Education, 4), not the name of the whole students from Ewha Womans University.
The SGA held a public hearing and an open central committee on April 29 to offer detailed explanations about the situation.
During the second part, there were many Ewha students who asked questions, mostly about the deposit process of the funds.
Through the questions and answers, students could make sure of the exact process of fundraising. Further suggestions toward the problem followed, from the suggestion sheet students handed in after the break.
The suggestions include the SGA’s sincere apology, additional donation of 1 million won, the re-deposit of 9 million won after receiving it back and changing the name of the donor, sending the funds that were gathered for the second time only and so on.
The SGA delivered apologies to the students during the hearing.
“I am very sorry about the mistakes related to the deposit of funds gathered by students and the lack of communication and feedback,” Seong said.
After the hearing, the open central committee was held and decided to deliver sincere apologies on the mistakes and lack of communication and feedback. The SGA plan to aplogize both on-line and off-line to the students.
“I deeply introspect and feel responsible about all the things that happened,” Seong said. “I can only say that I am sorry. I will work much harder for Ewha students with responsibility while feeling the heavy weight of my position.”

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