Daedong festival put off to second semester
Daedong festival put off to second semester
  • Lee Sang-ha
  • 승인 2014.05.11 09:31
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The annual May Festival, or Daedong festival, is postponed to the second semester in light of the Sewol ferry tragedy. The Student Government Association (SGA) announced the postponement of Daedong festival on April 28.
“We concluded that it is not right to carry out the Daedong festival in  time of such tragedy and decided to delay the festival,” said Seong Hee-yeon (Geography Education, 4), the president of the 46th SGA.
The SGA had provisionally decided to put off the festival to the second semester. However, the SGA thought the decision was reached without sufficient number of student opinions and consents.
“We additionally collected student representatives’ opinions regarding the issue,” Seong said. “All of the 22 student clubs, each student union of department and major gave consent toward the postponement.”
Most students show positive attitude toward the SGA’s announcement.
“I also agree with the decision made by the SGA to delay the festival,” Lee Dah-hye (International Office Administration, 4) said. “I think it is right to join the grieving over the tragic accident.”
The exact date of the delayed Daedong festival has not been set yet.
“We will arrange the specific date of the Daedong festival and try to announce it by the second week of May,” Seong said.

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