Chaplain Office holds Art Painting Chapel for first time
Chaplain Office holds Art Painting Chapel for first time
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The Chaplain Office will hold the first Art Painting Chapel under the name of “Chapel with Rembrandt-Rembrandt draws the Bible” on April 28.

The Art Painting Chapel is newly organized by the Chaplain Office with the intention to get closer to students. Students will be able to appreciate various genres of Christian art such as works of Rembrandt which deeply inspired the human spirit and christian culture with professional interpretations. It will be organized in the form of a talk show by professor Yang Hyun-hea (Christian Studies) and Doctor Jung Eun-jin. Together, they plan to look closely on the topic of artwork and understand the messages that the famous painting holds.

The Chaplain Office wishes to have a new attempt under the theme of famous paintings. It once hosted the Gogh Chapel; it was under the theme Chapel with Visual Art. Images and pictures continuously appeared on the screen, and a professor of visual major gave an explanation.

“It is the first time for us to try the Art Painting Chapel,” said Lee Han-nah, the deputy general manager of the Chaplain Office. “Since we really liked the Gogh Chapel, we wanted to project another form of chapel in the field of art. Through this opportunity, we want to share precious experiences and values on a variety of famous artworks with Ewha students. We hope students will have a meaningful time enjoying the famous paintings that they are interested in or sympathize with.”

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