Live in the moment, for this is your life
Live in the moment, for this is your life
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If we look back upon the struggles we have had, we can easily notice that they mostly come from the anxieties and worries about the future -- things that have not happened yet or probably will never happen. Our minds are often clouded with anxious thoughts about the future that ceaselessly run through our mind. The problem here is that we get so caught up in just moving forward and devote all our attention on what lies ahead of us, rather than fully embracing what lies in front of us here and now.

Having grown up in today’s competitive world, we may have never learned the importance of truly being in the moment and cherishing what we have right now. We have been just busy to look and move forward to pile up another “specs,” often sacrificing the present moment in the hopes of living a better, successful life.

We sometimes go through tough time in our lives when we feel lost and have no idea what to do with our lives. That is exactly what I went through. I felt as if I could not bear living even a single day let alone a year. I felt my life was headed to nowhere and could not even slightly picture what my life will be going to be like.

However, the strength and power that enabled me to get through the hard times was the realization that life is nothing but just being fully committed to the present moment. From then on, life that seemed hard to define and in some perspective, obscure became much clear and simple to me ? it is just very moment that I am living.

Once I finally became able to embrace each and every moment of my life, I noticed that I spent too much time to just move forward to the future and that I did not look around myself. It was not just about myself but also the ones that were always there for me. Like this, by living in the moment, you will find yourself living a much more enriching life where you have room for your family and friends to be a part of your life and truly appreciate every moment.

I know there is no quick fix and it is impossible to completely put aside the future as a human being and sometimes we live on because there is a hope for the better future. However, being mindful of the true value of the present moment in our daily lives makes a great difference. The series of present moments ultimately become an entire life. So, live and savor the present!

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