Ewha Weekly celebrates its 60th anniversary
Ewha Weekly celebrates its 60th anniversary
  • Lee Sang-ha
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The Ewha Weekly commemorated its 60th anniversary on March 18. Photo provided by the Ewha Weekly.
The Ewha Weekly held its 60th anniversary ceremony under the theme of “Blossom Ewha Weekly” on March 18 at the Lee San-Bong Hall in the Ewha Campus Complex.

A total of 150 people including Ewha president Kim Sun-uk, Chairperson of Ewha Hakdang Chang Myong-sue, former and current faculty advisors, alumnae and current staff members of the Ewha Weekly attended the ceremony.
The ceremony began with an opening speech by professor Lee Gun-ho (Media Studies) who is the current faculty advisor of the Ewha Weekly, which was followed by a speech by Chairperson Chang who had also been a reporter of Ewha Weekly. She looked back on her past memories regarding the experiences as a student reporter.

“During my college years, I placed more importance on being a reporter of the Ewha Weekly than being an Ewha student,” Chairperson Chang recalled in the ceremony. “It is very meaningful that Ewha Weekly has been recording almost half of Ewha’s 128-year-old history. I hope Ewha Weekly can take a step further toward becoming a school newspaper that can light the future direction of Ewha.”

Various events including the 2nd Proud Ewha Weekly Fellow Award and Ewha Weekly HISTORY were organized to commemorate the history and development of the Ewha Weekly.

The 2nd Proud Ewha Weekly Fellow Award, an award given to alumnae with remarkable achievements in their fields, was given to eight alumnae including Cha Kyung-ai (’66, Media Studies), the president of YWCA of Korea and Lee Ok-kyung (’72, Media Studies), the chief director of the Seoul Foundation of Women & Family.
“Ewha Weekly HISTORY,” a video clip about the history of the newspaper, and “Ewha Weekly’s Week” on the reporters’ weekly work routine attracted much attention.

The reporters’ celebration performance and alumnae interview video furthered the entertainment.

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