Ewha increases number of female in armed forces
Ewha increases number of female in armed forces
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The Career Development Center (CDC) recruited student applicants from the Commissioned Officer  Training (COT) class in all divisions of the armed forces. The divisions of the armed forces include the army, navy, marine corps and air force.

The CDC has been holding the program since 2011 for Ewha students who are interested in joining the armed forces. Through this program, the CDC has recruited female officers, and the importance of women’s role in the fields of unification and security has been emphasized.

According to the CDC, the student applicant and acceptance numbers have been consistently increasing for the past three years. In 2011, four students received admissions into the armed forces. Anyone can apply for the program but mostly juniors and seniors apply since the officer candidate examinations are targeted at graduates. A total of five students were accepted in 2012, and six candidates were admitted this year.

“Recently, more women are actively joining the armed forces,” the CDC said. “We hope for Ewha graduates working in the women army corps to lead innovation and change, and make efforts in expanding and strengthening public participation of women in society and politics.”

As a part of the effort to help students learn about what it is like to be an officer, the CDC plans to hold sessions with alumni who are currently working in public offices.

Moreover, it offers other programs including professor-consulting sessions, physical training classes and mentoring sessions to support students in their chosen profession. Students can also participate in  interview workshop and study groups.

Students currently enrolled in the COT class are training once or twice a week for the physical training qualification examination.

“The COT class is still in the stage of development,” the CDC said. “We will continue to help support students and hope that more students who are interested in becoming an officer participate in the program.”
Other than the COT class, the CDC is also offering a public office training class that prepares for both the state examination and entering public enterprises.

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