Student Council comes into action in three years
Student Council comes into action in three years
  • Jang Ji-won
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Ewha students speak up their opinion about 10 demand plans during council meeting
Students are holding up their tickets for the Student Council, expressing their support toward the ten demand plans. Photo by Chung Yun-jo.

On March 25, the 2014 Ewha Student Council was held and fulfilled by the participation of 1,661 students at the grass field next to the main gate. The Student Council is a place where students get together and decide how to solve their issues for themselves. The council can only be open if more than one tenth of the registered students take part in the event, requiring the participation of at least 1,620 students this year.

In 2011, the Student Council was executed through the participation of 2,001 students. However, in 2012, the attempt of opening a council turned out to be unsuccessful as only about 400 students joined the meeting. There was no Student Council meeting planned for 2013. Thus, this year’s Student Council is the first to be accomplished in three years.

“The meaning of the 2014 Student Council is that it is the most powerful way to deliver students’ demands to the school,” said Seong Hee-yeon (Geography Education, 4), the president of the 46th Student Government Association (SGA). “Issues demanded by not just student representatives but by the entire student body are proposed, providing the basis for resolving such matters.”

For the 2014 Student Council, Ewha students proposed 10 main demand plans, and planned to request a public interview with Ewha president Kim Sun-uk if the agenda were to be passed during the council meeting.

The ten main demand plans are: further reducing tuition fees; guaranteeing students’ right to know in the process of electing the school’s president; expanding scholarships by relaxing the standards for GPA (Grade Point Average) based scholarships and increasing the overall amount of scholarship funds; enlarging numbers of classes and guaranteeing the quality of lectures from instructors; mitigating the relative evaluation system; solving the EUREKA problem and reorganizing mobile services which includes creating a mobile student identification card and modifying the Ewha Womans’ University application; improving Ewha’s public image; resolving problems regarding student space such as increasing student space and simplifying the procedure of request for using space; establishing independent student-organized programs for the RC (Residential College) by allowing students to take part in the discussion for the RC program and guaranteeing the time for students’ self-governing activities; and refining the cafeteria by extending actual operating hours and enhancing the quality of food.

Students from all departments gathered together to contribute to the execution of the Student Council. Photo by Chung Yun-jo.

A number of students came out to stand by the Student Council.

“I participated in this event because I wanted to bring forth change to Ewha,” Yoon Che-won (Liberal Arts, 1) said. “Among the ten demands, I particularly support additionally decreasing tuition and expanding scholarships.”

Some other students participated in the meeting in the hopes of contributing to the execution of the Student Council.
“I support the various requests of fellow Ewha students,” Kim Ye-eun (Business Administration, 3) said. “I thought I should at least help obtain the opportunity to converse with the president after all the hard work other students have put in for the Student Council.”

Before the official start of the meeting, there were congratulatory messages, a performance by an indie band and a showing of videos about the process of preparing the assembly. After much anticipation about whether the council would be execeuted or not, the meeting became successful with 1,661 participants. As the meeting began, a number of student representatives briefly explained the procedure of the council and the contents of the 10 main demand plans.
There was a Q&A session, during which three students asked questions about the Student Council. It was followed by two students voicing their support for the council meeting.

Afterward, all participants took a vote whether to pass the agenda or not. The 10 main demand plans were approved with 1,660 students voting in favor of the agenda.

“I thank all Ewha students for their interest and support,” Seong said. “By actively taking part in such problem-solving situations, students can become the heart of change. I hope we can make great changes in 2014.”

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