OIC launches mobile student ID
OIC launches mobile student ID
  • Lee Ha-kyung
  • 승인 2014.03.29 07:29
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The Office of Information & Communications (OIC) is launching  the mobile student identification (ID) application on the first week of April.

As part of the smart card renewal project, the OIC developed an application that provides mobile student ID service with smart phones.

Beginning the first week of April, students can download the mobile student ID application from the Google Play store and iTunes store.

The new application exhibits six services: mobile student identification, mobile homepage, seat reservations in reading rooms, QR code scanner and e-Drive.

The mobile student ID service can be used after logging with by EUREKA Portal ID and having user authentication. It may be used as a replacement of the student ID card for seat reservation machines and entrance of the library and reading rooms.

Once logged in, the system sends a pop-up to exit or rerun after 10 minutes. Students are welcoming and looking forward to using the introduction of mobile student ID application.

“I believe the mobile student ID application will provide much convenience since we hold on to our smart phones all the time,” Kang Min-ju (Special Education, 3) said. “There were times when I couldn’t study in the reading room because I forgot to bring the student ID card but I would not have to worry about such situations anymore.”

The OIC focused on the security function as well as the convenience of users. When more than one person attempts to log in with the same identification, the integrated management module detects the situation and sends a warning sign or denies the service, thereby ensuring tight security of personal information. The intelligent software prevents misuse of mobile student identification.

The OIC aims to dedicate in enhancing university information technology through the new system.

“The multipurpose campus ID system which incorporates up-to-date digital technologies will support the ultimate convenience in Ewha campus life,” said professor Kim Nak-myeong, vice president of the OIC. “We can say it will be a flagship towards a smart campus incorporating a plethora of Internet of Things (IoT) services.”

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