Looking back at my freshman year in Ewha
Looking back at my freshman year in Ewha
  • Na Sayan
  • 승인 2014.03.16 12:30
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Na Sayan
The old saying seems to be right; time really flies. Just one year ago, I was a freshman and everything about college life was new for me. Now, I am sure that I am fully adjusted to life in Ewha.
Every time new entered students ask me questions about Ewha or college life, I answer that everything will be great because it is full of freedom. Yes, freedom was the core of my freshman year. It was the first time in my life that I could enjoy true freedom. It added to the richness of my life. I chose a major I truly wanted and spent my spare time doing what I wanted.
To start with, I finally found what I wanted as my major. Before I entered the university, I simply thought that it would be great if I used my English and Japanese skills for my job, since I attended a foreign language high school and my parents wanted me to do so. However, as I entered Ewha as a student of the Scranton Honors Program, things changed. I got a great opportunity that allowed me to choose any major I want, whether it be liberal arts or natural sciences. For that reason, I made my time schedule full of classes of diverse majors. As time passed, I became able to understand each subject more deeply. I came up with the idea that I will not fit in the department of liberal arts which is fully related to language skills. My dream of building a career using foreign languages  had just been an illusion. Instead, I found out that I was interested in how the society runs and I wanted to investigate it in a logical manner. Therefore, I finally decided to major in economics and I am looking forward to taking economics classes this spring semester.
What is more, the freedom of being a freshman in Ewha helped me do what I wanted in my free time. When I was in high school, there was no spare time. All of my time had to be spent for studying in order not to fall behind in the competition. In Ewha, however, I decided to do what I want to enjoy the freedom and to love myself. For instance, I joined the rock band of the Scranton Honors Program called “Toasty.” As a person who loved music so much, I had previously hoped that someday I may be a member of a rock band since I was a high school student. And my dream came true as I joined Toasty, playing my electric guitar. It was hard when our band practiced for our own concert, since we had to spend most of our time practicing each instrument and making each sound become united into one.
At last, we could go up to the stage to play the songs we prepared. It was an amazing experience watching lots of audiences clapping their hands in front of us when our music was played. Most of all, it was worthwhile in that I felt more like myself by achieving something I have been desiring to do for a long time. Likewise, in the freedom of freshman year I could know and understand myself more deeply by doing what I want. 
Now, I am starting my new sophomore year. It would be a challenging time for me. However, I am sure that I can make it through the rough time by the energy of freshman freedom which was a priceless treasure in my life. I expect all of you to do your best too. 
Good luck to you!

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