CDC holds 2014 Ewha Career Festa for first year students
CDC holds 2014 Ewha Career Festa for first year students
  • Chung Che-yoon
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Students learn about school programs during the 2014 Ewha Career Festa. Photo by Chung Yun-jo.
Career Development Center (CDC) held the 2014 Ewha Career Festa for the first time from March 11 to 12 at Ewha-Samsung Art Hall. The event was mainly designed to be mandatory for freshmen to encourage them to find future careers and receive helpful advice from senior mentors. It was divided into two sections: career fair and special lectures. 
The fair introduced official school programs that students can participate, including national exam preparation class, internships, foreign exchange student program and so on. It encouraged interested students, especially freshmen, to gain indirect experiences in the activities that they wanted to join. 
“I was surprsed by the fact that there are so many opportunities at Ewha to design my career,” Park Ye-na (Media Studies, 1) said.  
Special lectures were given by two guest speakers. Lee Ji-sun, majored in Early Childhood Education at Ewha but could not complete her school year due to severe burns. She is famous for overcoming her hardships and paving her own way toward her dream. Lee gave a lecture  titled “Career Motivation” on March 11 at the Lee San-bong Hall from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. On March 12, Shin Yik-tae, a well-known mentor who runs the most famous university students’ community called OutCampus, delivered the lecture in the same place under the theme of “Career Vision.” 
According to the students, both lectures offered them chances to consider their future career and vision. 
“I was deeply impressed by the lectures, since both of them were given by people who actually cares about university students,” Kim Bo-min (Psycology, 3) said.  
The event did not only helped the freshmen, but also the currently enrolled students who are pondering about their career design. 
Originally, the mandatory event for freshmen was “Career Camp,” which only allowed first-year students to participate. The CDC reformed the event starting this spring semester to broaden the participant range to other students besides freshmen. 
“We hope that Ewha students can spend their four years in university valubable through this event,” an official from the CDC said. 

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