Start-up taking-off semester system spreads on campus
Start-up taking-off semester system spreads on campus
  • Ahn In-kyeong
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Numerous universities have announced thei changed regulations on semester system, which allows students to engage in start-ups during their school years.
An increased number of universities is implementing “start-up taking-off semester system,” which allows students to take off a maximum of four semesters in contrast to the previous rule that only allowed a maximum of three.
Last year, as the government emphasized university students’ start-ups, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science, ICT (Information & Communication Technology), and Future Planning (MSIP), and the Small and Medium Business Administration announced the University Start-up Education Five Year Plan on Sept. 6, which includes “start-up taking-off semester system.”
Furthermore, with the announcement of Five Year Plan, the government will also judge an index that reflects the university’s start-up education so that they can give more attention to start-ups.
By measuring the index, the government will choose universities that have great start-up capacity.
Many universities have been actually taking “start-up taking-off semester system”. Sogang University and Dongguk University will adopt the system that will be effective starting March of this semester.
Dongguk University will allow students to take four to six semesters off if the reason is business start-up.
“We wish to relieve the burden of the students who inevitably had to stop studying until now,” said an official of Dongguk University who wishes to remain anonymous.
“Students should keep pursuing academics in a better environment so that they will have bigger capacity to get into society.”
Sogang University also added the system to the curriculum starting this semester. Previously the school allowed a maximum of two years for those who want to take the school off. Now they can apply and take six semesters off.
With a large percentage of students who want to try start-ups, Sogang University is trying out other things as well.
“Sogang University has various systems that encourage students’ start-ups such as education on business start-ups and start-up competition among students,” said Jo Gyu-sun, an official from the Registrar of Seogang University.
Furthermore the school also newly offers a major related to business start-up.
With those programs and the “start-up taking-off semester system,” the school hopes to support students in making their own business.
“We aim to prepare students so that they can challenge a society that stresses out creative talent,” Jo said. “It is expected that less students will be interrupted in their academics.”
Korea University also announced that students can take three years and extra two years off for business start-up.
Students welcome the change in the regulations.
“It is good news for students like me who is seriously planning on opening a business during the school years,” Yun Sung-ho (Korea University, 2) said. “Nobody knows if the business will turn out so good that I have to take off semesters more than I expected. On the other hand, it may not turn out well and might need time to re-adjust. For either ways, the change is good.”
Some schools such as Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and Pohang University of Science and Technology have already adopted the system last semester to allow students to take four consecutive semesters off for start-ups.
Ewha is considering adopting the system adjusting to the trend of encouraging student start-ups. Registrar is reviewing the Five Year Plan and will make decision until the end of the year. The announcement will be given to students after the decision-making of the school.
Students can register to take off several semesters by submitting certificated copy of register or business lisence.

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