Ewha Overseas Program: design your trips, design yourself 3
Ewha Overseas Program: design your trips, design yourself 3
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Ewha ODA travels to Southeast Asia to learn about ODA in education. Photo provided by Ewa ODA.
Co-Munity searches public-private partnership and village community in UK

In the United Kingdom, there are various regional development and regeneration businesses actively coming into action through public-private partnerships. In order to find more about such businesses and to see how the young generation participate in village communities, the Co-Munity team went to the United Kingdom.
Under the topic of “making a village through public-private partnership” and “participation of the young generation in village communities,” Lee Ga-ram (Political Science & International Relations, 2), You Sang-hee (Consumer Studies, 2), Kim Min-joo (Consumer Studies, 2) and Park Ye-ji (Economics, 2) visited various organizations dealing with the issue.
As all members of the team were freshmen students at the time of planning the journey, every moment was a challenge for them.
“It was especially difficult to contact English organizations,” Lee said. “I remember I was extremely worried and upset because only one organization had replied to our e-mails at the beginning of January when our trip was to start at the end of the same month.”
By patiently persisting contact, Co-Munity had corresponded with about half of the organizations, but since their contacts had not been completed, they had to reach out to some of the organizations even after they arrived in the United Kingdom. In the case of Headigley Development Trust, the students had trouble reaching the organization. However, surprisingly, when they visited Lambeth Council on the first day, they found out that the person in charge of Headingley Development Trust was the mother of the one in charge of Lambeth Council, who helped them contact Headingley Development Trust.
The members of Co-Munity treasure the precious experiences that came along while participating in the program. They experienced sending e-mails and calling reporters, organizations and villages, and had a moment to seriously think about what they can do for a sustainable society.
On a final note, Co-Munity encourages students who may have doubts about having the competency to make it through the program to just go for it.
“All four of us were freshmen and were not fluent in English,” Lee said. “But we tried to overcome our weaknesses by coming together and were selected in the end. Do not be afraid; try it and give it your best.”

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