First university Public Diplomacy Center opens
First university Public Diplomacy Center opens
  • Oh Seo-jin
  • 승인 2014.03.02 09:22
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A workshop celebrating the opening of Public Diplomacy Center was held. Photo provided by Communications.
Public Diplomacy Center opened on Feb. 25 and upon its opening Public Private Partnership Workshop was held the same day at LG Convention Hall in the International Education Building. Ewha is the first university to establish an institute for public diplomacy. Public Diplomacy refers to a diplomacy that reaches directly to people of other nations through various ways such as culture, art, knowledge, media, language, and origins. The center will execute a variety of roles through MOU’s with other countries. It will contribute to research on public diplomacy in Korea, provide training and education program, form networks, expand capacity by suggesting a model and executing it, and raise our nation’s image through sharing and doing voluntary works. Various officials and public diplomacy expert attended the opening forum. They introduced and shared projects and knowledge on public diplomacy. Ewha has been actively promoting the field of public diplomacy since 2008. Ewha has offered relevant classes to both undergraduates and graduates in 2008.It obtained more experience on the field when it was selected as a Korean- German Forum co-hosting institute. It further formed Korean- German young generation forum and executed public diplomacy for the future generation. With the workshop as a stepping stone, the officials at the center plans to seek strategies to strengthen public diplomacy between Korea and Germany. It also plans to hold Korea-Germany forum, Korean- German young generation forum, and Korean German professor workshop in July and invent a new form of interaction in the future.

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