Ewha Archives reopens after two-month-renewal for visitors
Ewha Archives reopens after two-month-renewal for visitors
  • Oh Seo-jin
  • 승인 2014.03.02 09:15
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Ewha Archives reopened after two- month renewal. With the changed facilities, the visitors are able to appreciate the history of Ewha more fully. Photo by Chung Yun-jo.
Ewha Archives reopened on Feb. 17 after renewing its facilities in the Exhibition Hall. The renewal process, both the planning and construction, lasted for six months since the summer last year. The construction itself began on Jan. 10 and ended on 24. With the renewal, the size of the exhibited photos were increased to allow visitors to have a more vivid view of Ewha history. The font on a panel was changed and different colors were painted according to each era to enable visitors to have a better view of Ewha’s 128 year old history at one sight. In addition, lighting devices were installed to brighten up the Exhibition Hall. Exhibition frames were changed to reinforce the photos more easily. Upon the change, more variety of exhibitions will be available. Visitors’ walking path was altered for more convenience and efficiency. Device that further increases visitors’ interest were installed. The visitor’s book that was manually completed is now electronic and the reviews are scanned and projected on the wall for the reviewer and others to see. A censor that detects human movement and turns on a clip on Ewha history upon detection is installed in Audiovisual Education Room. Light from outside is blocked so that the visitors can focus more on the videos. “This is the first major renewal since Ewha Archives has opened in 2006,” said an official at Ewha Archives. “We hope many people especially students to visit the hall where the visitors’ convenience has been improved.”

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