Ewha secures additional scholarship for students
Ewha secures additional scholarship for students
  • Yoon Hye-joon
  • 승인 2014.03.02 09:08
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Ewha secured additional scholarship fund for being selected as an excellent school by Korea Student And Foundation (KSAF). With this fund, more students will have the opportunity to receive extra sum.KSAF currently gives extra money to selected schools after examinig their efforts to reduce tuition and increase scholarship.Ewha was recognized for its efforts to reduce tuition and secure more scholarships compared to last year, and was chosen to receive scholarship type II.The major difference between scholarship type I and II is that for type I, students are granted certain amount of their tuition according to their family’s income level. When students apply for KSAF scholarship type I, they are automatically applied for type II.Students who applied received an additional 1.61 million won on average. The school tried to give more money to students who need financial aid.“We tried to give the extra scholarship to students who are in need first,” said Kim Min-joong, an official from Scholarship and Welfare. “Also, if a student receives full scholarship or if the additional scholarship exceeds the total tuition, then the additional scholarship is not given or the scholarship type II is reduced to a sum that does not exceed the total tuition fee.”Students who recevied the extra fund welcome the additional scholarship type II and Ewha’s effort on scholarship.“I was really surprised when I recevied a message about the extra scholarship, and was impressed with the school’s efforts to lessen students’ financial burden.” Jung Hoe-bin (English, 2) said.

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