Tuition reduced by 0.6%
Tuition reduced by 0.6%
  • Lee Sang-ha
  • 승인 2014.03.02 09:06
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Ewha announced on Feb. 29 that the school will reduce its tuition for undergraduate students by 0.6 percent for 2014. The decision was reached at the 6th Tuition Review Committee meeting held on Feb. 29. Six Ewha officials and one external examiner were present at the meeting. No student representatives attended the meeting. “Many other universities have frozen their tuition this year,” one of the officials who participated in the meeting and wishes to stay anonymous said. “However, Ewha tried to further reduce tuition and offer extended scholarships to relieve students’ financial burden.”The school has lowered its tuition for three consecutive years Ewha had frozen its tuition from 2009 to 2011 and cut the tuition by 3.5 percent in 2012 and further reduced it by 1.5 percent last year.

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