Reviewing usage of newly installed electronic lecture desks on campus
Reviewing usage of newly installed electronic lecture desks on campus
  • Ahn In-kyung
  • 승인 2013.12.01 14:08
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Electronic lecture desks enable Ewha professors to make use of advanced materials during their classes. Photo by Chung Yun-jo.
Ewha newly installed 139 electronic lecture desks at the beginning of fall semester of 2013. Professors and students who have made use of the new device are showing positive responses. However, as it had been implemented for only one semester, there is still a need for improvement.
Electronic lecture desks were installed by the Classroom Support Center to improve the efficiency of lectures. The new lecture desks are run through a one-click menu system, which allows users to control various classroom devices, such as projectors and microphones, all through this one equipment. In addition, it also allows lectures to be given in numerous forms.
“The lecture desk can practice wireless communication with devices such as iPads, which is called Airplay,” said Jo Il-hyun, an official of Institute for Teaching & Learning, the department in charge of iPad related education for professors. “This allows professors to focus on their iPads while giving their lectures. Whatever the professor writes or marks on their iPad with an electronic pencil will be simultaneously delivered to the electronic lecture desk and show on the projected screen for students.”
After the installation, Classroom Support Center has provided educations to professors, teaching assistants and course assistants on using the new device.
Professors who make use of the newly installed lecture desks acknowledge the advantages it brings.
“The system is good in that there is no need to buy chalk and the texts are clearer for students to read,” professor Kim In-bae (Economics) said.
However, the system also has its shortcomings. “As there are two screens, the attention of students diverges to two different sides,” professor Kim said. “This makes it more difficult to manage the class because if I move to one side, students looking at the other screen cannot follow what I’m explaining. In the end, I just go back to writing on the blackboard which is in the middle.”
There are many professors who recoginize the advantages but are not utilizing the new electronics desks.
“It is much more convinient  because I do not need to borrow keys from the office,” professor Shim So-hee (Chinese) said. “However, the functions professors actually use on the desks have not changed, but I think this is a matter of changing the professors‘ teaching methods.”
The official admitted the difficulty of iPads and electric desks being actively used and explained their future plan to extend non-schedule training, which is provided one-on-one for the professors to practice in the office.
“What professors like about the new system is that it can interact with students’ smart phones,” Jo said. “We will emphasize on this point when we are providing education from the next semester and focus on finding successful cases to introduce those to the professors.”

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