Synergy Ewha elected as 46th Student Government Association
Synergy Ewha elected as 46th Student Government Association
  • Lee Ha-kyung
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Synergy Ewha won the 46th Student Government Association (SGA) presidential election. As Synergy Ewha was the sole candidate, the election was conducted in a yes or no vote from Nov. 19 to 21.
Seong Hee-yeon (Geography Education, 4) was elected as SGA president, and Kang Da-young (Psychology, 4) as vice president for 2014. Synergy Ewha earned 86.9 percent of ballots in favor from a voter turnout of 55.9 percent. A total of 8,092 Ewha students participated in this year’s SGA presidential election. The election period was extended as the voter turnout was lower than 50 percent during the original deadline of the election period; the voting rate is required to go beyond 50 percent in order to validate results. The voter turnout remained at 44 percent on the second day of the election.
“I am very grateful for the attention many students paid to our election campaign since the voting rate exceeded 55 percent,” Seong said. “I look forward to solving problems with Ewha students through active communication between the SGA and Ewha students.”
Starting December, Synergy Ewha will embark on cutting tuition through discussion with the tuition deliberation committee planned in January 2014. The newly elected president and vice president of SGA are looking forward to meeting with new college representatives to gather ideas for making Ewha a better place for students.
Synergy Ewha aims to become a trustworthy SGA by promoting active communication.By maintaining positive aspects of the former SGA, Woori Ewha, and introducing new ways to develop what it lacked, Synergy Ewha wishes to find the best way of communication between SGA and students. Not only by making use of SGA applications, Synergy Ewha will also devise new and creative ideas on communication.
“Although Synergy Ewha was elected, there were several students who did not vote in favor of us,” said Kang. “Synergy Ewha will consider ways to hold opinions together to satisfy all Ewha students.”
The election for individual college student union was conducted during the SGA presidential election as well.
Besides the College of Music in which two parties competed to become the upcoming SGA, the rest of the colleges had sole candidates for the election.

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