Ewha revises regulations
Ewha revises regulations
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University Council revises regulations

Foundation of major and revision of school regulations will be put into effect starting the year of 2014.
According to an announcement made by the University Council, Global Health Nursing Science, a new major, will be created under the College of Health Sciences.
“Global Health Nursing Science follows the global trend and provides students the opportunity to earn knowledge and practice on the basis of respect and care for human beings from a global perspective,” professor Jung Duk-yoo (Nursing Science) said. “Education will not only focus on health promotion and rehabilitation, but also health-related global issues. It is created to provide students with a broader range of career they can choose from.”

Students who are currently majoring in Nursing Science can also major in Global Health Nursing Science if they take 18 additional credits. The major is currently recruiting students for the next spring semester.
Starting next school year, Second Language I and II will no longer be mandatory for incoming international freshmen students. Originally, students were required to complete at least two years of a single foreign language for graduation. This change will be put into effect with students majoring in liberal arts and social sciences required to take six core course requirements and students majoring in natural sciences required to take five. The courses Second Language I and II were excluded to minimize foreign students’ burden since they already have to learn Korean.
“I am glad that Ewha is realistically taking action,” Yoon Seo-won (Liberal Arts, 1) said. “The changes of school regulations show that Ewha is global-minded by realistically taking steps to improve education in pursuit of the Global Hub for both Korean and foreign students.”

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