Ewha Womans University Library selected as Foreign Research Information Center
Ewha Womans University Library selected as Foreign Research Information Center
  • Yoon Hye-joon
  • 승인 2013.12.01 13:52
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Ewha Womans University Library was selected as a Foreign Research Information Center (FRIC) for the arts and sports fields on Oct. 1, including music, art, media, drama and film, and sports and dance.
Operated by the Korea Education and Research Information Service and supported by the Ministry of Education, a FRIC systematically collects and preserves foreign academic journals to narrow the knowledge gap between social classes, lower the subscription cost for academic journals, and contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of national research. A FRIC offers free copies of academic journals and opens all relevant data to the public.
Ten university libraries including Ewha operate as FRICs. Ewha was rated excellent as a FRIC in sociology, pedagogy and media in 2011.
Ewha has strength in foreign academic journals and is equipped with great a environment to study and research the arts. Also, Ewha seeks to contribute knowledge and information to the society.
Ewha’s selection as a FRIC for the arts and sports fields is meaningful for the public in that it can provide materials relevant to areas with which more people are familiar.
People outside Ewha can enter the Ewha Womans University Library and easily search and read the information they are interested in through the FRIC service. They can also search the information at home or get it by delivery.
As for the Ewha students, the library will be able to offer a greater variety of academic journals.
“I hope researchers use FRIC more often than before and that Ewha FRIC develops as an expert information center by cooperating more with other libraries and institutions,” said Lee Na-nee, an official from Ewha FRIC.

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