Central Washington University: middle of everything
Central Washington University: middle of everything
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Central Washington University is located in te little town of Ellensburg. Photo provided by Darryl Marquilencia.
Whenever you want the characteristics of a university that focuses on small classrooms with committed professors and a location in a scenic countryside with each road leading to every part of the picturesque state of Washington, Central Washington University (CWU) is the complete definition.
This small university is located in the little town of Ellensburg well known for its Professional Bull Riders event in the summertime and friendly locals that always make you feel like part of the family. In a town with rich heritage, Central Washington University has led the way of strong leaders and prominent innovators since 1891.
The school’s humble beginnings as an institution originally known for making excellent educators, CWU has been the forerunner of enlightening the minds of students locally, nationally, and internationally. Research is also one of the top priorities for students to have hands-on experience that leads them to the experience and know-how in the outside world.
Notable projects such as Pacific Northwest Geodetic Array (measures land deformations and natural hazards throughout the region) and Science Honors Research Program (offers undergrad students to perform high level research that the students themselves has made), made CWU a perfect place for personal and public advancement.
CWU offers various methods of learning by not just desks and chalkboards. Part-time students (students with less than 10 credits) can also apply to CWU and can learn via online and in various 2-year universities throughout Washington State. It is understandable, especially in today’s time, that it is difficult to be a full-time university student for some and the need for having a job to pay the bill can be more important than ever.
CWU has recently offered online classrooms known as “Finish Line,” where students can finish right in their homes without losing hours for other important activities. In a university with more than 100 majors and 11 pre-professional programs, students will have plenty of choices to suit their needs into what they want to do and make an imprint in their lives.
CWU is not only just a higher institution for the mind, but also a higher institution for the body as well. As a member of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Division II Greater Northwest Athletic Conference, Central Washington’s Wildcats is no stranger when it comes to holding the most winning records in college football and basketball in the entire state.
The collegiate sports clubs allow the student body to enjoy and represent the spirit of being a Wildcat (the school’s mascot) in sporting activities that are not available in regular athletics. Sports such as archery, rodeo, fencing, ultimate frisbee, and wakeboarding are some of the clubs that will make you sweat, and make great friends and memories at the same time.
This open space campus with the scene of the Cascades on the west and Yakima Valley on the east makes CWU the perfect place for a student that wishes to be indulged in nature. Central Washington University - Learn. Do. Live.

*Darryl Marquilencia is currently studying at Ewha as an exchange student.

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