Ewha launches “School Me” campaign with Save the Children Korea
Ewha launches “School Me” campaign with Save the Children Korea
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Ewha organized "School Me" campaign with Save the Children Korea. Photo provided by Communications.
Ewha launched the “School Me” campaign to improve the education environment for female children in Africa with Save the Children Korea, a nonprofit group for children in the developing world. The campaign began on Nov. 15 in the Main Hall and Ewha Campus Complex Valley with the launching ceremony, followed by the student participation event.
As the center of women education in the world, Ewha hopes to be advocates of all the children in need around the world to build dreams and create lasting changes through the campaign.
The student participation event includes: sending notebooks with supporting messages, sending an art wall created with a million pencils, and sharing campaign photos and wall posts with friends through Facebook by tagging oneself on the official Save the Children page.
Lee Jung-jin (Social Science, 1), who attended the campaign, said she was impressed by the many opportunities provided to support the cause.
“I knew that there were many other activities supporting children in Africa but this campaign gives me the feeling that I am actually connected to the children there,” Lee said. “By sending notebooks and pencils, and sharing wall posts on Facebook, I feel like I am meeting the children in person.”
The campaign will continue until 2016 to support a total of six million children by launching two to three similar events every year. Starting next year in 2014, the campaign will officially be divided into the following categories: student participation, research, field exchange and supporting campaign.
“We decided to group the campaign events into four categories in the prospect of focusing on promoting cooperation among all Ewha students,” said Hwang Hye-jung, the director of the Office of Relations. “We hope the campaign will encourage students to come together in a joined effort to do some good for children who need our help.”

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