Memorable moments of 2013 3
Memorable moments of 2013 3
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Photo by Kahng Sun-woo.
According to the results in the analysis of accumulated money and educational expenditures for schools presented by a member of the National Assembly under the Education, Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee on Aug. 29, Ewha has the highest amount of accumulated money, recording over 758,700,000,000. The Office of Financial Affairs states that the accumulated money has its own use for distinct categories. The accumulated money will be used for building and reconstructing architectures on campus, student scholarships, research, university employees’ retirement fund and other school management purposes. The greatest amount is placed under scholarship funds with 212.8 billion won; approximately 200 billion won is placed under building funds, which will most likely be used to build the new Ewha Residential College dormitory; 61 billion won is placed under research funds, followed by 6.3 billion won for university employees’ retirement funds. The remaining 200 billion won is categorized as other funds.


Photo by Kahng Sun-woo.
66 public figures visited Ewha. These include Quentin Bryce, the first female Governor-General of Austrailia, Drew Giplin Faust, the first woman president of Harvard University, and Tarha Halonen, former first woman president of Finland.

Hanwoori Hall has abolished its roll call system on Feb. 26 due to the continuous complaints from the students. The roll call system, in which Hanwoori Hall residence tutors supervise residents by visiting each student’s room every day at 11 p.m., received 47 percent of replies from residents agreeing on abolishing the roll call system and 46 percent replying that the system was in need of improvement in a survey conducted in April 2012. Accordingly, Hanwoori Hall lessened the number of roll calls from seven times to five times a week in May 2012 as a trial operation. Instead, Hanwoori Hall implemented a new system, the Weekly Check-up. As the roll call system is lifted, the curfew is now 12.

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