Memorable moments of 2013 1
Memorable moments of 2013 1
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Photo by Kahng Sun-woo.
From the 1.5 percent tuition cut to the new Student Government Association presidential election, Ewha has undergone countless events, accomplishments and changes in the year of 2013. With the year closely ending its chapter, the Ewha Voice has looked back at significant news of the year through numbers.


The College of Music established the first university philharmonic orchestra in Korea. The Ewha Philharmonic Orchestra is composed of 80 members of currently enrolled Ewha students and alumnae with professor Sung Ki-sun (Orchestral Instruments) as the conductor. The orchestra’s main goal is to spread high quality music culture to those in local and marginalized areas and ultimately become a leading music college in the nation.

Photo by Chung Yun-jo.
Ewha ranked 11th in JoongAng Ilbo’s 2013 College Evaluation, scoring 188 out of 300. The evaluation was conducted on 100 four-year universities in Korea. The criteria for this year’s evaluation were professor research, globalization, condition of education, social reputation and entry into society. Ewha ranked 10th in globalization, 12th in professor research, 13th in condition of education and 20th in both social reputation and entry into society.

Remodeling and replacements of old and inconvenient facilities within campus took place over the spring semester and summer vacation in 5 buildings. Tables, chairs and boards in the Ewha-POSCO buidling, female bathrooms on the first floor of the Student Union Building, and sofas and sleeping beds in the Ewha Campus Complex have been replaced and remodeled. In the Hanwoori Hall, facilities including door locks, televisions, walls and office areas were repaired and relocated. The Ewha Womans University Library had changes made in both their floor structures and facilities.

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