Reviewing 2013 with 45th Student Government Association
Reviewing 2013 with 45th Student Government Association
  • Chung Che-yoon
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The official term of Woori Ewha, the 45th Student Government Association (SGA), will come to an end on Dec. 31, 2013. During the 2012 presidential election campaign, Woori Ewha made promises under six main categories: cutting tuition, improving student welfare, advocating education rights, pursuing communal identity, remolding the school’s reputation, and finding solutions to the unemployment issue.
The Ewha Voice has looked back at Woori Ewha’s fulfillment of its promises in 2013 so far.
Cutting tuition
Woori Ewha demanded cuts in entrance, tuition, and seasonal semester fees. As a result, tuition was reduced by 1.5 percent from the spring semester 2013.
“The original promise was to obtain a 12 percent cut in tuition, but the Ewha Tuition Review Committee agreed to only a 1.5 percent decrease,” said Bong Woo-ri (Dance, 4), the president of the Woori Ewha.
Woori Ewha also participated in the University Council to monitor the process of setting monetary levels for scholarships. It demanded an increase in scholarship amounts through “The Crescendo,” which is the campaign that questioned the usage of Ewha’s accumulated money.
Improving student welfare and education rights
One of Woori Ewha’s notable accomplishments is the “On Card” system, which provides discount prices at off-campus restaurants around Ewha campus and Sinchon area.
“The On Card system was an alternative to the expensive prices of restaurants inside the Ewha Campus Complex (ECC), since the SGA failed to reach an agreement with the school on this issue,” Bong said.
The number of chairs and tables in the ECC has been increased to accommodate more students. Furthermore, a pre-registration system has been implemented, in which students majoring in popular subjects such as business and economics can register for courses in advance.
Pursuing communal identity & communication
Woori Ewha has received positive feedback on fulfilling its promises about communication to reinforce unity on campus. During its term, Woori Ewha opened an official SGA homepage account and a social network service account, as promised, and adopted an umbrella-lending service, a delivery service, and a locker-management service at the Ewha Womans University Library.
Woori Ewha also created feedback sessions for Ewha students and conducted a self-evaluation survey to receive student opinions regarding the SGA activities.
Remolding school’s reputation
According to the self-evaluation of the SGA, the “Ewha Nabi Concert” was one of the most satisfying accomplishments in this sector. It was organized to help the victims of sexual slavery by Japan during World War II. The concert was viewed positively by the media and contributed to improving publicity for Ewha, which is sometimes not so positive.
Overall evaluation on pledges
Throughout its term, Woori Ewha completely fulfilled 19 out of 27 campaign promises. With its term coming to an end, the SGA expresses gratitude for Ewha students’ support.
“My year as the president of the SGA is almost at its end,” Bong said. “Even though there are still lots of areas that need improvement, I have been honored to represent Ewha. I am grateful for all the support that the SGA received throughout 2013.”

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