Residential College: We are one big Ewha family!
Residential College: We are one big Ewha family!
  • Kim Sae-mi
  • 승인 2013.11.17 13:11
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Kim Sae-mi
Do you know a system named Residential College (RC)? It is a well-rounded education system that will be implemented in Ewha Womans University in the year of 2015.
This semester was the first test operation intended for some of the students who lived in a dormitory last spring semester. In the Residential College system, there are various programs such as lectures, volunteer activities, broadcasting and classic concerts. I myself have participated in many programs. The first test operation will soon end in a month. At this point of time, I can point out three advantages of the RC system.
First, it leads to a cooperative communal life. As I mentioned earlier, the subject for this RC system is for students from other regions of Korea. Among these students, some entered Ewha alone without a friend from the same high school. They had to face many troubles that they could not deal by themselves. However, by participating in the Residential College programs, they were able to overcome loneliness or ignorance together in unfamiliar places with other students and faculties. The Residential College allowed them to truly feel dormitory as their new home.
Second, it leads to consideration of others and breaks individualism. Local students actually live together in one space called dormitory, though I do not know and do not want to know who lives in front of or both sides of my room. The soundproof of rooms is not that perfect, therefore if there is noise pollution, we hammer the wall and get annoyed from whom I do not know.
However, in the Residential College system, students are all acquaintances. They share their door passwords and let each other come in their room. It is like a village. Even if there is discomfort with noise, we can first ask what the problem is, and solve it with good grace before conflict is created.
Third, it provides chances to meet various people. How many chances are there to be with friends from other colleges or departments? Usually, it is even hard to be with friends in the same college. My college is Liberal Arts and there are about 450 students! I made a lot of friends in the first semester, and made a few new friends this fall semester. Also, I joined extracurricular activities. Joining clubs can give you many opportunities. But some students do not want to join them because of pressure from regular meetings and limited activity programs. RC is a rendez-vous for such students. They can enjoy any activity they want to join among diverse programs. Thus, they can become intimate with students from other colleges or departments who share the same interests.
These three virtues are representative aspects of the RC system. There are also minor virtues like raising sense of responsibility by tending vegetables activity and enhancing physical strength by practicing yoga and playing tennis. All of these activities happen in the Residential College and through these activities, we are getting closer and closer to each other. Therefore, I can define RC as a one big Ewha family!

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