Open lectures increase among universities to enhance learning
Open lectures increase among universities to enhance learning
  • Lee Ha-kyung
  • 승인 2013.11.17 13:06
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Starting with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which began its Open Course Ware (OCW) in October 2002, other universities have followed the trend of providing a source of learning by opening their lectures to the public. As a similar measure, interest in stabilizing online open lectures is rapidly spreading among Korean universities as well.
Universities such as Seoul National University (SNU), Korea University (KU), Kyung Hee University and Ewha Womans University currently participate in providing lectures through Korea Open Course Ware (KOCW). Provided by the Korea Education and Research Information Service, KOCW is a collaboration of higher education institutions around the world, creating a broad network of open educational content using the Web. Over 6,035 lectures were registered up to October this year, increasing in number from 1,297 lectures in 2010, to 2,769 lectures in 2011, and to 6,438 lectures in 2012.
Aside from participating in KOCW, universities also operate their own OCWs, offering lectures through iTunes U and YouTube EDU. Ewha created its own OCW in May 2013 to distribute educational contents efficiently, along with SNOW (Sookmyung Network for an Open World), HOWL (Hanyang Open World for Learning), and Open KU (Korea University). The YouTube EDU channel of Ewha ( opened in August 2012 as a first step to sharing knowledge in a global aspect. In addition, Ewha has been sharing intellectual contents through the Ewha Global Online Web site since March 2010.
“Developing online open lecture is dedicated to sharing knowledge with society,” said Lee Young-hee, an official of the Office of Planning & Coordination. “Through this, Ewha responds to the social responsibility it needs to pursue in modern society.”
Meanwhile, the first effort to open offline access to lectures for the public was achieved by Korea University through Discover KU from Oct. 28 to Nov. 1, an event that provided opportunities to take lectures in person. Starting with 13 major and liberal arts courses, Korea University accommodated at least 20 to 100 maximum people in each lecture, expecting a total of over 1,000 people to have participated in open lectures during the event.
“Since there is a limit in experiencing the class atmosphere with online lectures, we wanted to provide an opportunity for anyone who is interested in Korea University’s lectures,” said Jang Jeong-ah, an official on the e-learning team of the Institute for Teaching & Learning at KU. “Korea University is planning to conduct this program every year from now on.”
Ewha plans to provide more online contents through the already-operating means and also expand the depth of the contents provided. Moreover, on the Ewha Share Contents Web site (, Ewha shares all the class materials for both professors and students to invigorate students’ participation by letting them be at the center of the online contents-sharing movement.
“As far as I know, Ewha is the only university in Korea that operates global online channels through both YouTube EDU and iTunes,” said Cheon Yun-pil, Educational Technologist at Ewha. “Ewha will continue to develop online contents for both students and faculty to create a better environment for learning.”

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