Ewha holds 2013 Ewha Fit Body & Mind Project for students
Ewha holds 2013 Ewha Fit Body & Mind Project for students
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Students receive guidebooks and sign up for Ewha Fit Body & Mind Project. Photo by Chung Yun-jo.
Ewha launched the 2013 Ewha Fit Body & Mind Project on campus from Nov. 11 to 15 to foster students to create a healthy lifestyle and learn exercise habits. The project is a “Health Action Project” that takes action with the Ewha Womans Health to improve Ewha students’ indifference regarding their own health.
The project was planned and carried out by a student progressing-group that consists of students from the Departments of Health Education & Management, Nutritional Science & Food Management, Nursing Science and Human Movement Studies and Visual Communication Design major. The group was formed and received aid from the 2013 University Education Capacity Building Project.
The project was designed as a hands-on health management program through a combination of theoretical learning and practical experience for all students who may be indifferent to their health for academic and employment reasons.
“We planned to provide self-evaluating opportunities for students and teach them how to take control of their health by giving suggestions on feasible diet and exercise plans,” professor Park Seung-ha (Health Education & Management) said.
Four programs were planned to teach exercise habits and help students apply them to their settings.
Starting Nov. 11, “Ewha Womans Health” guidebooks were distributed to those who pre-registered for the Health Lecture, Exercise Experience Program and Ewha Walking Contest.
The guidebook provides health information and methods to build a good body on campus for free, and reveals nutritional information that is hidden in the diet.
On Nov. 13, a Health Lecture was given by doctor Oh Han-jin, a professor from Kwandong University, who explained habits necessary to stay young in the Alumnae Center Room 319.
A Health Exercise Experience Program was held on three trials on Nov. 14 in the College Gym Hall II. Students could experience easy and efficient exercise methods using flexibars.
On the last day of the project, the “Ewha Walking Contest” was held under the themes of “Walk on Ewha Campus!” and “Donate while Exercising.”
Participating students installed the BIG Walk mobile application measuring the distance walked for a week. Then, they made donations for the measured distance of 1 won per 10 meters. Donations were also collected for walking a predetermined distance of five courses.
“I participated in the project because it is a health program,” Lee Ye-Ni (Health Education & Management, 3) said. “It is deeply related to my major so I took interest and decided to participate.”
Strategies for and implementation of the health management program provided an opportunity for students’ healthy lives.
“We hope students benefitted from this program by learning to manage their health for both a fit body and mind,” professor Park said.

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