iPad usage among professors increases and device integration system improves
iPad usage among professors increases and device integration system improves
  • Oh Seo-jin
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Ewha professors’ iPad usage has increased significantly and the integration system for the device has been greatly improved compared to 2012, when the device were first adopted.
The Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL) first offered 11 professors to use iPads in the Fall semester of 2011 as a demonstration, prior to a complete adoption.
Upon favorable feedbacks in 2011, the system was adopted the following semester in Spring of 2012, and iPads were provided to an additional 170 professors.
The number of professors using iPads grew to approximately 400 in the Fall semester of 2012 and doubled in the Spring semester of 2013. Currently, there are approximately 800 iPads have been distributed to professors.
“The iPad usage increased as the professors who had used them gave positive feedbacks and the ITL worked hard to introduce interesting and useful applications,” said an official of the ITL. “The iPads also allow professors to accumulate class materials and have easy access to them.”
The iPad wireless system that allows iPads to function also greatly improved. Only 11 classrooms had been equipped with the system in 2011 but now almost all of the classrooms, specifically 297 out of 300, are equipped.
Professors use the device in various ways.
The most apparent advantage iPads possess is that the professors can provide the prepared material immediately and conveniently share thoughts by writing directly on the device.
The device also provides user mobility, enabling professors to move freely with just the device in hand. Another advantage is that the device allows the users to transfer what is on the iPad screen to the bigger board.
Professors utilize other functions as well. Some take attendance in a shortened time by taking a picture of the classroom in the beginning of the class which allows them to clearly view which seats are empty. Professors may invite another professor through Face Time, a program that allows users to make video calls, or connect with others abroad.
“Showing YouTube videos when explaining a difficult concept enhances students’ understanding,” professor Choi Minsik (Social Studies Education) said. “Drawing graphs directly on the device also saves much time.”
The ITL offers workshops to inform professors of the basic usage. The workshops are recorded and uploaded on Ewha Womans University Share Campus Web site, where informative video clips and papers are provided for students and professors.
“The office and the professors shared ideas on ways to use iPads more effectively, which we shared on Ewha’s Facebook page,” said Cheon Yun-pil, Educational Technologist of the ITL. “Although the classroom environment and methods professors use may vary, we can provide basic knowledge on iPad usage and we are always ready to share our experiences.”

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