Mysterious consultation sheds light on teenagers’ path toward dreams
Mysterious consultation sheds light on teenagers’ path toward dreams
  • Oh Seo-jin
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Mysterious Consultation with Suspicious Guys members are executing their projects, which include offline consultation, for teenagers to help them seek their true dreams. Photo provided by Mysterious Consultation with Suspicious Guys.
Three guys wearing black sunglasses stroll down the streets, stopping short upon spotting groups of young students in school uniforms. Curious gazes await to hear words coming from the mysterious figures who slowly take out a notepad. After a moment of silence, one starts, “What is your dream?”
The three guys are the founders of a social enterprise “Mysterious Consultation with Suspicious Guys,” which has a vision to turn teenagers’ concerns into dreams. It seeks to accompany the teenagers on their journey to finding genuine happiness and dreams. Along the course, it provides indirect solutions by being a mediator between the surreal, a dream yet to be achieved and the reality by introducing the students to experts in their areas of interest.
“We sought solutions to the current struggles and suffering of those in their 20’s from the teen years, a crucial stage in which one builds a sense of who he or she wants to be,” said Seo Kang-hyuk (Chung-Ang University, 4), who is the president of the enterprise. “We established this social enterprise with the hope that teenagers today would not feel lost when they are in their 20’s in turning their firm dreams into reality. It is our genuine wish that the teenagers be able to spend happier and more glowing 20’s than our generation.”
Initiated on April 14, with the three founding members, the enterprise now consists of nine selected members. All university students themselves, they are enthusiastic to support teenagers in various ways.
“We were surprised that many people in their 20’s share a similar vision and sympathize with our cause,” Seo said.
Mysterious Consultation with Suspicious Guys receives teenagers’ concerns on-line through its Facebook page and blog. Among them, it selects students whom it feels it could give the most effective help to. Then the members meet the selected students to listen to their problems and discuss possible solutions.
The members have already met four students with different concerns. For those who wished to obtain more information about academics and majors, the group introduced them to an expert or university students in the area of interest. For others, it introduced them to other groups or enterprises that could give them advice or practical help.
“We once arranged a meeting with Ahn Sang-soo, an expert in typography, for a student who was interested in the field,” Seo said. “Another time, we introduced a student who wished to build a more intimate relationship with the family to a group that strengthens ties among family members.”
Besides the consultation, the enterprise has been leading various projects to encourage young students in their pursuit of dreams. The members visit schools or popular locations where teenagers can easily be found, such as Lotte World to interview them and listen to their concerns. The primary goal for this project is to let them be aware of the fact that there are people in their 20’s who support them, and thus have them do the same for the following generations. Another prominent activity involves providing reusable papers gathered in a notepad form to several high schools in order to give material support. In addition, they make 10-minute-long video clips in which the members explain their majors in depth. Doing so, the members hope to help students make the most accurate decisions when choosing their own majors. Other efforts include on-line consultation, where the members give suggestions and advice on-line.
The members of the enterprise pay for all the expenses themselves. In order to provide better opportunities for students and to relieve the financial restraints, the members have applied for sponsorships from companies.
The members plan to extend the group’s reach to a greater number of students by contacting high schools and giving lectures.
“It has been such a pleasure to help students build visions about their future,” Seo said. “We will continue to do our best to help as many students as possible.”

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