Herlinde Koelbl holds “Traces of Power” photo exhibition at Ewha
Herlinde Koelbl holds “Traces of Power” photo exhibition at Ewha
  • Chung Yun-jo
  • 승인 2013.10.20 19:04
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Herlinde Koelbl is introducing one of the photos of Chancellor Merkel from the "Traces of Power" series to ambassador Mafael and president Kim. Photo by Chung Yun-jo.
German photographer Herlinde Koelbl, famous for her photographs of German politicians, is holding a photo exhibition at the Hoyune Esther Cho Gallery in the Ewha Campus Complex (ECC) from Oct. 15 to 25. The exhibition is co-hosted by Ewha and the Embassy of Germany in Korea in celebration of the 130th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and Germany. The exhibition is a part of Koelbl’s photo project series called “Spuren der Macht,” which translates to “Traces of Power” in English. “Traces of Power” is a series that captures personal histories of German political elites including Gerhard Schroder, Joschka Fischer, Heide Simonis and Renate Schmidt. In this exhibition, Koelbl depicts the life of Angela Dorothea Merkel, the current Chancellor of Germany, and provides a reflection of German history. Chancellor Merkel has been recognized as a female politician serving the longest term, starting from 2005. Appointed as Germany’s first female leader, Chancellor Merkel strengthened transatlantic economic relations with neighboring countries and led Germany to play a central role among European nations. In 2010, Merkel received the honorary doctor’s degree in politics at Ewha. Her remarkable achievements as a female politician through demonstrating sustainable peace within Germany played a huge role of her award. Congratulating Chancellor Merkel’s consecutive appointment, Ewha has decided to take part in organizing Koelbl’s photo exhibition. The exhibition displays 28 photos from Koelbl’s photo series which clearly presents physical and psychological changes of Chancellor Merkel who has experienced dynamic political events, completed by Koelbl over the course of 21 years. The opening ceremony that marked the start of the exhibition was held at the Hoyune Esther Cho Gallery on Oct. 15 in the presence of Koelbl, Ewha president Kim Sun-uk and Rolf Mafael, the German ambassador in Korea. During the ceremony, Koelbl delivered a celebration speech following the celebration speeches from ambassador Mafael and president Kim. “Ewha and the Embassy of Germany in Korea have been establishing intimate relationship with each other,” ambassador Mafael said. “I hope this exhibition will be meaningful for both institutions and countries.”

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