Office of General Affairs puts efforts to improve administration service through monitoring
Office of General Affairs puts efforts to improve administration service through monitoring
  • Ahn In-kyeong
  • 승인 2013.10.20 19:03
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Ewha’s Office of General Affairs recruited students to monitor Ewha’s administration services this fall semester from Sept. 30 to Oct. 18.Comprising 15 undergraduate students, the Campus Administration Service Student Monitoring (CASSM) group will evaluate the service provided by various offices on campus on behalf of the entire student body. Students will conduct these evaluations from Nov. 1 to Dec. 13.“We initiated the monitoring service to improve the quality of administration services,” said an official from the Office of General Affairs who wishes to remain anonymous. “We are taking such a measure as it is important for universities to satisfy students.”The monitoring service has existed before, but only last semester did students become part of the monitoring and evaluation team. This semester, the 15 selected students will start the monitoring evaluation from Nov. 1. The evaluation process will be similar to that of previous evaluations.Students will be monitoring the quality of the service from the administration offices by calling and visiting them, as this is how most students seek service.Student monitors will call specific offices and evaluate the service based on service attitude, accuracy and speed. They will also check if the officials are following the administration’s real-name system, which requires officials to state their positions and names first when receiving calls.To rate the services received upon visiting, the officials’ desks will be checked for name cards, and the aforementioned three criteria are evaluated through an analogue to the so-called “mystery shopping.” An evaluation tool actually used in companies, mystery shopping conceals the consumer’s identity and purpose from the institution being evaluated.Similarly, the monitoring students will visit offices, disguised as students in need of service.After the evaluations, each office is scored statistically based on an evaluation guide. From the results, the most excellent office is chosen and the offices that receive low evaluation will be closely analyzed.“Offices are trying to become more students-centered,” the official said. “We hope to improve the overall quality of the services through further evaluations by the student monitoring group.”

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