Woori Ewha conducts self evaluation survey to grasp student opinion
Woori Ewha conducts self evaluation survey to grasp student opinion
  • Jang Ji-won
  • 승인 2013.10.20 19:02
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The 45th Student Government Association (SGA), Woori Ewha, arranged a self assessment event from Sept. 30 to Oct. 11 on activities and services organized during its term. The evaluation was conducted through two methods: one-on-one student meetings with the president and vice president of the SGA, and a survey targeting approximately 400 Ewha students. The purpose of the evaluation was to redeem students’ unsatisfactory appraisal and request for improvement inside the school.“During the short period of term left for Woori Ewha, we are planning to do our best to amend activities with negative reviews and carry on with the propaganda activity reflecting students’ evaluation,” said Bong Woo-ri (Dance, 4), the president of the SGA. “I also hope that this evaluation result, along with the other activity records of the 45th SGA, would contribute to the development of subsequent SGAs over the years.”According to the survey result, the best business by the SGA this year was the Ewha Nabi Concert, followed by the On Card service and student welfare services.The first place for best activity category of Woori Ewha selected by students was the “activity for tuition and education rights,” and the second and third place were “social participation” and “living welfare, respectively.”On the other hand, Ewha students considered “event planning” to be the most disappointing activity category this year. The second least favored category was “activity for tuition fee and education rights” and the third was “communication with fellow students.”About one-third of the surveyed students thought that the 45th SGA succeeded in improving student welfare, while most of the rest replied that they were not sure. Only a very few students said the SGA had not been effective in the field.Overall, the 45th SGA received a score of six to eight points out of 10, with seven being the most common rating.“I think Woori Ewha is organizing a lot of activities and must have a hard time dealing with various problems such as the negative publicity of Ewha,” Kim So-hyun (Open, 1) said. “If there’s one thing I wish to request for the SGA, it is to lower the tuition fee for the College of Natural Sciences. Other than that, I am thankful for the efforts the SGA is putting in for students and hope it will continue to do so.”Woori Ewha expressed gratification toward students and vowed for further improvement.“We thank Ewha students for always showing interest to the SGA,” Bong said. “Although Woori Ewha’s term is nearly over, we will continue to work to become a better SGA, reflecting the voices of students. I hope the students would support us until the end of our term.”

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