Emergency call stickers in campus restrooms tighten school security
Emergency call stickers in campus restrooms tighten school security
  • Chung Yun-jo
  • 승인 2013.10.05 13:05
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Emergency stickers are attached by the Safety Supervision Center to advertise the Campus Police system and improve school security level. Photo by Chung Yun-jo.
Starting from Sept. 12, Ewha has implemented attaching emergency call stickers in each restroom within campus. Including the stickers already attached in restrooms located in the Ewha Campus Complex, a total of 300 emergency call stickers are being attached in both female and male restrooms of every building.
The Office of General Administration (OGA) says that the attachment of the emergency call stickers in restrooms is a part of advertising the Safety Supervision Center (SSC), which was established with the goal of achieving a complete school security system.
“We chose the restrooms as a place to attach the stickers so as to remind students of the school’s emergency system and the SSC,” said Kim Young-sang, manager of the OGA. “As the number of school visitors rapidly increases, the possibility of dangerous incidents or sexual harassment increases as well. Therefore, we managed to prepare a team that would be available all day and all night by call for every building on campus.”
The stickers on restroom doors are not only for emergency situations but also for improving the school security level. The SSC is preparing for potential entrance of sexual harassers on campus. Four Campus Police teams, who travel on motorcycles, take turns on standby to answer calls from students in danger.
“We want to construct an emergency system that functions as 911 on Ewha campus,” Kim said. “The SSC and the Campus Police are trying their best to protect Ewha students and prevent bad incidents on campus.”
Ewha students show positive responses to the efforts of the OGA and the SSC.
“The existence of the Campus Police system builds a sense of security among students,” Choi Won-jung (International Studies, 1) said. “I feel as if we are well protected from any and all emergency situations that may occur on campus grounds.”

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