Registrar’s Office adopts new grade conversion system
Registrar’s Office adopts new grade conversion system
  • Oh Seo-jin
  • 승인 2013.10.05 13:04
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The Registrar’s Office has adopted a new grade conversion system which came into effect on Sept. 10. The new grade conversion system adopts the sectional standard method instead of the proportion method used beforehand.
The previous method has been a conversion method using proportions, calculating corresponding grade points in accordance to the 4.5 grade point standard which is commonly used in other universities.
The modified method, on the other hand, calculates the grade point at which the 4.3 grade point standard corresponds to the 4.5 one. Following this change, a considerable increase in students’ grade averages after conversion is anticipated.
“Although the proportion method is the most widely used system, some universities have adopted the sectional standard to provide raised grade points,” said an official at the Registrar’s Office who wishes to remain anonymous. “The office has also adopted the sectional standard for Ewha students’ advantage in competing with other university students.”
In addition to the modification in the conversion system, the system for taking leftover credits will also be modified to widen the scope of beneficiaries.
The modification now also  includes students who withdraw credits among those who take less than 18 credits.
The modified rules will be put into effect starting in the spring semester of 2014.
“The Registrar’s Office has analyzed the system for taking leftover credits from its initiation in the spring semester of 2012 to the spring semester of 2013,” the official said. “The results showed that there is enough capacity to include students who withdraw credits. We also wanted to give chances to more students.”
The change has also been one of the Student Government Association’s requests.
“I am satisfied with all the efforts put in to fulfill Ewha students’ requests, eventually yielding fruitful achievements,” said Bong Woo-ri (Dance, 4), president of Woori Ewha. “I hope the school continues to listen to students’ voices.”
Students welcome the new sectional standard method as their grade point average will rise by as much as 0.3 after the conversion.
“I appreciate the new grade conversion system because the new method works in favor of students,” Ahn Yun-kyung (Chinese, 4) said. “With the raised GPA, students would be at an advantage when evaluated upon their academic achievements.”

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